We strive to serve you in the best possible way to implement and integrate AKTIVOV suite of products to facilitate e-governance.


We built user-friendly & intuitive solutions to solve complex problems. Our goals is to take the “work” out of workflows and make your life easy to perform your job.


Our framework is built to handle the most complex processes by deploying market disruptive cutting-edge technologies. What we deliver today will be a trend tomorrow.


Our solutions are configurable, flexible, and easily integratable to serve the larger enterprise. Users can access anything anytime anywhere from any device.

The Aktivov team started with a dream “Every local government must go mobile GIS on cloud”. Our journey started to provide answers to numerous customers who were paying too much for asset management and getting too less in return. We wanted to solve these problems by launching a market disruptive product, fixing issues that we found in other products, making it more affordable while providing more cutting-edge technologies. Our extensive knowledgebase and experience implementing various other asset management products provided us with the insights to build a better, more robust, and more economic product. Since then, we have won the trust and support of many customers and made many long term allies.


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We use highly advanced technologies to deliver cutting edge asset management tools. While our competitors are struggling to go web or mobile from desktop environments, we are moving on from mobile and cloud to drones and augmented reality. Our customers and competitors now know that we are here to provide high valued product and services at much more affordable price. We take pride in providing a “One-Stop-Shop” by delivering product and consulting solutions for total asset management, and delivered many asset management implementations and associated professional services to local governments. Our team members are self-driven, highly skillful professionals, and possess industry’s best project experiences conforming to the highest standards. Our consultants’ unparalleled domain expertise warrant repeat businesses and develop fruitful long term relationships. We have a wide range of local government agencies ranging from cities to districts to PUDs to ports.