Enterprise Systems and Platform Integration

We specialize in providing Aktivov platform integration & system integration services to promote and enhance collaboration and eliminate siloed information. All our product offerings are designed in such way to work with each other seamlessly on one platform, AKTIVOV. Moreover, our platform and systems integration services allow for integration with other third party critical business systems using our APIs and Web Services. We ensure that your Aktivov public works asset management platform integration runs smoothly across multiple systems, GO-LIVE on time and within budget, and meet or exceed your business requirements. We provide system integration services as a separate professional service to integrate anything independent of AKTIVOV, and also integrate with our AKTIVOV suite of products. Some example key integrations we have done with various software in the past are: GIS, Single Sign-On, Citizen Portal 311, Vehicle GPS, Financial, Accounting, Payroll, Invoices, Inventory, SCADA, Telemetry, CCTV, Utility Billing, Condition Rating, Permits, Contracts, Parking, etc.

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Major System Integrations


Software & Hardware

We like to take the work out of your “workflows” and provide complete range of software and hardware integration services to automate and augment your business processes. We have extensive experience working with various third party products and services, OEMs, and VARs.


SCADA & Telemetry

While using our flagship asset management product, its imperative to integrate with your SCADA and Telemetry to auto-generate pre-emptive and predictive maintenance and inspections. We work with full range of IoT products and sensors to automate workflows to prevent failures and disasters.


FInance & Accounting

We integrate our asset management, permitting, cemetery management software with any finance and accounting software to exchange payroll, warehouse, purchase orders, invoices, GL account, customer account information etc. Depending on how modern the third party software is, we use APIs, web services or flat files exchange.


Citizen Portals

Our 311 Citizen Portal enables citizens to submit requests and report issues seamlessly in our asset management, permitting, cemetery management software. Moreover, we can integrate our suite of AKTIVOV products with any other third party citizen portals if you are already using something else. 

We are pioneers in enterprise and system integration specializing in Integration, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, and Process Control. We follow the cutting edge techniques and deploy the latest and greatest technologies through all stages of project implementation.

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Highlights of our Enterprise System Integration services:

We strive to empower your business with world-class software technology solutions.

  • Successful project implementation
  • A highly skilled and experienced workforce
  • Confidence in your system
  • Customised business improvements
  • Projects delivered on time and to budget
  • Measurable ROI and business benefits
  • Fully supported, intelligent systems