Resilient Enterprise Permitting

Aktivov’s Permit Management software enables e-governance on one platform. It’s GIS centric, fully mobilized, cloud hosted, easy to use, intuitive, and budget-friendly. All commercial and permit data, including multimedia documentation can be managed seamlessly in one place.

Our permit management software will transform your labor intensive paper processes into digital workflows and automate your land-use planning, permitting and inspections processes immensely. It comes with the Citizen Portal where people can research information on permit requirements, request meetings as needed, and apply for any kind of permit online; this will create a better and transparent citizen experience, foster communication, monitor progress through completion, and get your properties on the tax rolls sooner.

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Salient Features

  • Self Service and Self Managed
  • Research and Apply for Permits – All types
  • Request Meetings and Inspections
  • Complaints and Issue Reporting
  • Online Payments
  • Seamless Communication for Tracking
  • Request or Upload Documents and Certificates
  • Integration Ready with APIs and Web Services
  • Configurable and One-Click Reports
  • Flexible and Easily Configurable

Unique Propositions

  • Self Managed and Authenticated Access On Demand
  • Platform agnostic UI and UX: Anytime, Anywhere, any Device
  • Automated Permit Routing
  • Wizard based approach for Applications
  • Track Applications and Inspections through lifecycle
  • Custom Questions by Permit Category
  • Actionable data for faster Processing
  • Rich Multimedia Documentation
  • Eliminate Inefficiencies and Enhance Collaboration between Departments and with Applicants
  • Seamless Multi-Party Communication within the organization and with Applicants
  • Status, Priority, Severity and Escalations
  • Configure Service Level Agreements and Process Times
  • Dashboards, Business Intelligence, and Analytics
  • Unlimited Everything: one affordable Price
  • Multimedia Interactive Help and training videos
  • No ransom cloud – you Own your Data
  • Unparalleled Unlimited Training, Support, and Customer Service