Resilient Asset Management System

Our enterprise asset management software, AKTIVOV, is GIS centric, cloud hosted, and fully mobilized to provide real-time monitoring and coordination between the office and field. The Aktivov platform provides extensive functionalities on GIS and non-GIS based vertical and horizontal asset management, maintenance and operations workflows, asset lifestyle analysis, asset conditions, reports and dashboards, harvesting data for CIP, comp plans, master plans, rate studies, content management for lawsuits/litigations, special projects like FEMA, public record requests, fleet management, fixed asset management, and easy integration with other business systems. From Maintenance and Operations to Construction to Emergency Management, you can do it all on one platform.

Aktivov LITE, a more affordable version, is specially designed for small systems. This highly discounted version is geared towards migrating small organizations from paper, Excel, and other human based labor intensive processes to the 21st century technologies under our “Small but Smart” program. Our goal under this program is to work at grass root level to make our communities smart by providing smart and affordable tools, and make their life easier. You will get the tools and benefits of a robust enterprise asset management software at an affordable price.

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Salient Features

  • Service Requests
  • Work Orders
  • Inspections
  • Buildings, Facilities, Treatment Plants
  • Fixed Assets
  • Fleet Management
  • Backflow and Cross Connection
  • Time Card
  • User Management
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory & Code Compliance
  • Emergency Response
  • Construction Management
  • Capital Improvement
  • Conditions Assessment
  • Customer Engagement – Self Service Citizen Portal
  • Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators
  • Configurable and One-Click Reports
  • Warehouse and Inventory Control
  • Utility Billing

Unique Propositions

  • Authenticated Access On Demand
  • Features and Functions exposed based on Role based Authentication
  • Beyond Maintenance & Operations; one platform encompassing Tactical & Strategic Planning, CIP, Project Mgmt, Construction Mgmt, Emergency Mgmt and much more
  • Unlimited Everything: one affordable Price
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Platform agnostic UI and UX: Anytime, Anywhere, any Device
  • GIS & non-GIS assets Registry
  • Easy buttons e.g. Public Records Requests, Annual Reporting, Planning & Budgeting
  • Rich Multimedia Documentation
  • Auditable, Traceable, Accountable
  • Reports & Dashboards: Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Configure Service Level Agreements and Job Process Times
  • Multimedia Interactive Help and training videos
  • No ransom cloud – you Own your Data
  • Futuristic Technologies – IoT, Drones, Augmented Virtual Reality, Sensors, Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Failure Prediction, Big Data
  • Integration Ready – APIs and Web Services
  • Flexible and Easily Configurable
  • Unparalleled Unlimited Training, Support, and Customer Service