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GIS Data and Geodatabase Development

The geodatabase melds the benefits of standard IT tools with the power of spatial analysis and mapping

The foundation of any information system is the data behind it. GIS applications, like any other application, would need the data to perform analysis and provide scenarios and options for decision support. Other enterprise systems within the organization may also need GIS data to support the business goals and processes. Our consultants have extensive experience in conceptualizing, designing, and developing GIS data and geodatabases that will provide the foundation for your business and operational needs. The GIS databases are built using industry standards software platforms such as ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk, Intergraph etc. on SQL Server, DB2, and ORACLE.

Our data development approach allows us to

  • Create, update, enhance, and maintain geodatabases
  • Retain and update information in existing databases
  • Migrate and geo-enable legacy databases
  • Allowing interoperability of geodatabases for different data formats and software platforms

We provide full-scale GIS data development services – whether the source is paper-based, or scanned documents, or even CAD documents. Our highly trained resources work round the clock to develop GIS data, geodatabases, geodata services and GIS layers.

Our services include

  • Geospatial Database (Geodatabase) and Data Schema Design
  • Data Development
  • Data Integration – Joining spatial data layers and attributes
  • Loading/Integrating Spatial Data into Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access
  • Data Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Data Standards – US state-level standards, FGDC, SDSFIE, HSIP
  • Metadata creation, quality assurance, and loading
  • Implementation Support
  • Technical Support

We conduct multiple levels of QA and checking before the deliveries are done. Key roles in our data development centre include:

Data Team Lead: The team lead supervises a team of data developers and analysts to check for data quality and accuracy

QA/QC: The QA/QC lead assures completeness and accuracy of data by random sampling.

Project Management: The ultimate responsibility lies with the Project Manager assigned to your project. This resource will be the one point contact and interface with you, and will coordinate quality of the deliverables throughout the project on time and within budget.